18 Winckley Square, Preston, PR1 3JJ

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Not Fit For Living!!

By pixiedust - stayed here from 17th September 2013 to 9th January 2014

The house is advertised online as several things according to the landlord's needs; therefore, the tenants end up a mixed bunch. For example, when I went to go around the house, I asked the landlord if it would be all final year students, and people who would be quiet. He stated that the house would be extremely quiet, and that all the other tenants were final year students and there was one post-grad student. However, the other tenants all ended up being first year students, with the exception of one final year international student, and the post-grad student that was mentioned. Also, the landlord didn't outline how much to pay, or when, and told me to play it by ear. Therefore, his wife (the so-called landlady) would ring me and harass me about money, saying that I do not "dictate" to her when I pay the rent. The other tenants smoked inside a lot and used drugs, and when the landlords were notified, nothing was done. The house was very noisy constantly and the landlords did little to nothing, except for 'telling-off' texts and 'house meetings'. Very quick to get you into the contract, and then won't ever contact you; the landlord is difficult to get hold of, whereas the landlady tries to get hold of you too much!! Lack of communication between the two.

Another thing: the area is really nice, which was what drew me in initially. However, the house is laid out strange. There are five bedrooms on the bottom floor, with two showers and two bathrooms. The first floor has three bedrooms, another shower and a bathroom, and the living room and kitchen. If you are unfortunate enough to get a room beneath either of these rooms, then you will be able to hear everything that is going on in both rooms, and you will also be able to hear people walking, even when they're trying to be quiet. The second floor has three large rooms. The rooms on the bottom floor are 3/4s of the size of the rooms on the top floor, but they are the same price to rent.

Finally, there was an infestation of bees that the landlord has yet to remove, and he also paints over mould.

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