Flat 3-8, Bristol, BS6 6AW

Added 17th May 2014

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1. A very nice bedsit, converted well. A bit cold in winter.

By tdppollard - stayed here from 17th October 2004 to 17th August 2007

A three room bedsit, ground floor, at the back with view over small garden.

Small kitchen and shower room, newly converted to a high standard when I first moved in. Nice large bay window and high ceiling in the main room. North facing so did get quite cold. Fan heater in shower room, and gas fire in main room, but no other form of heating, so need for additional electric heater.

Good location at the top of the hill, close to Gloucester Road and walkable to the harbourside and city centre as long as you don't mind the climb. Close to Redland train station.

Off street parking, although not enough for all the flats.

Landlords were a young couple who lived locally and did the conversion themselves. Very friendly and always helpful.

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