45 Stackpool Road, Bristol, BS3 1NG

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1. Worst landlord I've ever had

By tdppollard - stayed here from 17th August 2007 to 13th August 2008

The ground floor flat, a new conversion at the time, two bed, with kitchen units on to main living room.

Problems from day one. Landlord had converted it himself, but had not done a very good job. On cleaning the oven it jumped a couple of centimeters forward because it hadn't been screwed in.

The shower upstairs leaked constantly meaning our bathroom ceiling was always damp and grew mould across it. Landlord blamed us for not telling him in spite of the fact that we reported the leaks to him many times, and each time he claimed to have fixed it. Part of it eventually collapsed and when we said this wasn't acceptable, he was racist to my girlfriend.

Constant smell of rotten eggs in the bathroom, so obviously some problem with the waste system. We received a letter from the water board saying that the flats had been converted without permission, and as such the water pressure was not sufficient and could fail at any time.

We got a lot of post that we thought was for previous tenants, and so we returned it all to sender. The landlord accused us of "stealing" his mail.

We never found out the landlord's real address. All documentation had him living in the basement flat, but that was actually rented out to other tenants.

Five years after leaving I received a call from British Gas chasing unpaid bills for a period when I wasn't living at the property. It appeared that someone had used my surname, but our landlord's first name on the gas bill and they traced it back to me. Fortunately they accepted that I had not lived there during the period in question.

Zero stars!

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