31 Laverstoke Gardens, London, SW15 4JB

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1. Most Disgustingly Rented Property I Have Ever Experienced

By al1ali - stayed here from 17th September 2010 to 17th September 2011

I stayed here for a year in my first year of university and it was the first house I rented. I had no idea how much I was being conned and how disgusting the state of the house was in comparison to a normal rental. There were holes in the floor, holes in the couch (one you could sit through), burnt holes in the carpet... The walls were paper thin and the floor was flimsy and the floorboards were broken. The doors had no locks except for the front door, and back sliding door. The neighbors are atrocious. We were robbed twice. We had solicitors letters coming through saying that our stuff was going to be taken because the previous tenants owed money, the heating didn't work properly, honestly I'm surprised the windows were even double glazed.

After we moved in we found out that there had been other tenants who had complained about the state of the house and the letting agent to the university and the university had removed them from the 'trusted landlords/letting agents' list. They got guaranteed rooms on campus. We got to live in a shit hole. For £410 per month.

The deposit was over £600 each and we received roughly £150 back, after the landlord charged us for all the damage that was there previously, and a huge amount for 'landlord's time'.

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