Basement Flat, Brighton, BN2 1AU

Added 17th May 2014

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1. "Finally a website where people can air their grievances..."

By anonymous2014 - stayed here from 28th August 2011 to 28th August 2013

...and have someone listen! A basement flat situated on the Brighton seafront 'run' by a letting agency called Property Moves.

My experience in this property consisted on repeat calls and e-mails to Property Moves to get the littlest of problems sorted out. And then with the larger issues, like incredibly bad damp, no electricity to the main lights, very poor security to the back doors, and disgusting sewage and drainage problems, this property needed a lot of work doing to it that Property Moves were very reluctant to consider a problem.

It was only until we had enough money to leave the property two years in (saving up enough for deposit for a new property was the only genuine reason we stayed after the first year), that Property Moves took it upon themselves to take over half of our deposit - a situation which felt like to us an opportunity taken by them to makeover the property at our cost i.e. repainting the damp walls. We were also told that the broken washing machine was our responsibility to maintain once we entered the property - I recommend that any renters out there make sure all the electrical appliances are in good workable condition before you sign your contract!

P.S or better yet, avoid using estate agents like the plague! They are one of the only industries which seem to thrive on the misery of their costumers.

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