7A Westmoreland Terrace, London, SW1V 4AG

Added 9th March 2014

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1. nice property, poorly looked after and dangerous to live in

By Chris Owen - stayed here from 1st May 2010 to 1st September 2011

I moved into here, a single bed ground floor flat, on my own and generally enjoyed living here, until the damp in the bathroom at the rear of the property became so bad as the tiles in the bathroom started to fall off when it got hot - including when my girlfriend was once in the shower, cutting her feet, and once when I was in the bath. pretty hairy.

the landlady had been made aware of the problem before it got to this stage, but she didn't act early and instead kept getting different people to quote for it despite every one of them saying the bathroom needed rebuilding, as it was riddled with damp.

aside from this, I liked the property, and enjoyed living there, although it was only when I left that people told me how mouldy the entire flat smelt as I'd got used to it. just a note of caution about renting ground floor pads really i guess, and also to put the pressure on landlords to act soon - it took the incident in the bath when a tile fell in for her to take it seriously.

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