48 Over Street, Brighton, BN1 4EE

Added 17th May 2014

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1. My mum called it a crack den

By Brighton/Hove resident since July 2011 - stayed here from 21st July 2011 to 14th January 2012

I moved here in a rush as I had just got a promotion and needed somewhere to live fast.
This is a pretty short review as there's not much to say, the house was basic... Really basic.
Everything was a bit grotty, no carpets anywhere and decommissioned fireplaces just boarded over.
Everything was a bit dodgey, I didn't pay a deposit, there was no agents and she insisted on balance transfers every month no direct debits. The rent was meant to include council tax but we started receiving letters from bailiffs about the matter that were addressed to none of the people who lived in the property. I phoned the number on one of these envelopes and it turned out there was an outstanding council tax bill for well over £2000. It was at this point my mum decided I should no longer live there and helped me move out!

Thinking back as a land lady she always fixed things as soon as they broke and resolved any issues swiftly (other than council tax) but my housemates were all bar two (out of 5) we're absolute knobs!

Beware of shared properties with no agents... The people who rent rooms in them are dodgey as!

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