Flat 35, Hove, BN3 1JD

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Nice flat... Apauling landlady/agent PROPERTY POD, BE WARNED!

By Brighton/Hove resident since July 2011 - stayed here from 14th January 2012 to 14th January 2013

I moved into this flat in January joing a friend who already lived there as one of his flat mates was moving out.
When I moved in the three of us signed new individual tenancy agreements for our rooms with Winkworths, a well known and high end agency. The first few months were great, the extractor fan in the kitchen broke but it was quickly fixed. The issues started in the summer, I missed a rent payment due to a banking fault with my bank, but I want made aware of this by the landlord/agents which around this time had changed from Winkworths to a company called The Property Pod, which I had never heard of, we will come back to the missed rent payment later. In September the ceiling mounted extractor fan in the bathroom started to leak, I emailed Property pod and got no response, I continued to email regularly as the damp patch started to spread across the plasterboard ceiling. This confused until the end of November when my housemates and I gave in notice to move out at the end of our tennancy. We heard nothing back at all until the week before we we're die to leave when she gave us checkout instructions. We set about giving the whole flat a fresh coat of paint, scrubbing the kitchen and spending about 2 hours cleaning the oven. It looked perfect when the time came to leave. My moving out day (the 12th) was a disaster I had left a voicemail with the agents saying I would be moving out that day and would need access to the loading bay at the rear of the flats, I got no reply but that was now becoming the norm. I ended up having a full on shouting match with the manager of the bridal shop below as he was under the impression the loading bay was for his shop and the doors from the flats were a fire exit. After a lengthy talk with Property Pod on the phone we resolved the matter and I was permitted to use the loading bay. Once w moved out however the issues got worse. 2 months passed and there was no sign of our deposits, I contacted the DPS and made a sole claim as there had been no contact from Property Pod. Shortly after I got an email from Property Pod. This is when I was informed of my unpayed rent from august which I payed upon notice of this as I didn't want to be in debt, but Propertypod then went on to claim that me and my housemate were responsible for our third housemates unpaired rent of 4 months, we went on to dispute this as we had individual tennancy agreements. This was then agreed that we weren't responsible, but they then tried to claim rent from myself and my housemate for the months of November and December 2011 when we didn't live in the property. After tooting and frowning with the DPS this was eventually quashed. We finally got notice our deposits would be returned after 7 months but we would be charged for oven cleaning (which did NOT need doing) by this point we had been battling for so long we accepted this offer.
I am not the only person who has had problems with Property Pod, one of my coworkers rented a flat from them in a diferent apartment block in town, they had a mouse problem that was not addressed for months and none of their electric bills were ever given from EDF they were on Property Pod headed paper with no brake down of use. Because of this she refused to pay until given an official bill with usage information, she moved out last year and is still awaiting an official electric bill and the return of her deposit.

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