5 St. James Court, Okehampton, EX20 1SS

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Middling

By youngdoug - stayed here from 30th January 2011 to 3rd August 2013

The flat was generally in good condition and remained so. Being at the top of the block it also stays warm in Winter. Yay.

Landlady was the real downside - though not enough for me to warn people away. She took two months to fix the storage heater in the living room, which was broken when I moved in. That was bad. And cold. Not good.

She did other repairs with greater speed - such as replacing the shower curtain rail when needed.

After that the only real problem was when I moved out. She really tried to go to town on my deposit. She accused me of painting a bathroom wall without permission (totally false) and, very weirdly, replacing the shower curtain rail without permission (did I just mention she replaced that herself?). Unsurprisingly, she thought that I should relinquish part of my deposit for this.

She seemed to be looking (or making up) reasons to keep money for herself, which was a pity as if she hadn't tried to do that she would have been a pretty valid landlady.

So, moral of the story is 'nice flat, keep a strict record of condition of flat. She might try it on'.

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