29 Westfield Road, Bishop Auckland, DL14 6AE

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Dodgy Landlord.

By MMyers - stayed here from 30th September 2009 to 23rd April 2014

I moved into this one bedroomed upstairs flat with the understanding it would be cleaned and decorated before I moved in as the previous tenant was a drug addict and had wrecked the place.On the day I agreed to move in I arrived at the property with all my belongings to find the place hadn't even been touched and I ended up having to scrub the place down.The carpets were full of cigarette burns and once I had moved in I was told if you want the carpets replacing I had to do it myself.This was just the start of it,the boiler was decrepit which he wouldn't replace,the place was like a fridge no matter how long I had the heating on,damp pouring down my walls through a blocked overflow pipe and holes in the roof.The garden was a complete jungle which they had agreed to get sorted,which they never did.I ended up moving as the house had made me ill with chest problems due to the damp.If you ever hear of a landlord called Stephen Ayers in Bishop Auckland,avoid him like the plague.He owns loads of properties in the area and is a complete fraudster.Also do not use S and H Properties as they rent homes to people knowing that they are in a right state and are owned by dodgy landlords yet once you move in they do nothing to help you.

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