20 Rothley Close, Shrewsbury, SY3 6AN

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1. A terrible Landlord- Avoid like the Plague

By eddyman00 - stayed here from 1st April 2011 to 1st September 2012

I stayed in a rented room with a live in Landlord and despite the house being in a nice, pleasant area that would be the complete opposite of the Landlord himself. I had just turned 18 by the time I moved in and initially things were fine.
After being there a couple of months things started to get worse. Not only did the communal shower not work, it dribbled and he wouldn't fix it due to having a en-suite for himself. He was found to have been going into people rooms without their permission, not even asking or telling them he'd been in. Me and other live in renters finally got it out of him.
He would switch off the internet when he wasn't using it despite it being part of his advert, he had put a screw in the dryer so you could only dry clothes for twenty minutes max and also had started to turn off the hot water when he wasn't in.
It would get worse as he routinely refused to give back renters deposits for no good reason because he knew we had no legal protections and the worst example was when I acted as a witness to someone else so they could get back the deposit, he started to swear and become aggressive. As soon as the other renter had left I was then assaulted and had to make a report to the police. I never got my deposit back and would have left months earlier but I had to have a secure address so I could apply to go to University where I currently am.
Overall, if you are desperate and have nowhere else to go, like I did, then you are just going to have to suck it up and put up with it. If you have to, bring a witness and make him sign a piece of paper stating he will return your deposit in full and sign it along with your witness. Take pictures of the state of the room. If he quibbles, mumbles or tries to not do this then just walk away. I hope you can avoid the same treatment that others had to injure.

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