9 Highlands Avenue, London, N21 1UG

Added 17th May 2014

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1. lovely property shame about the landlord...

By khl_rizi - stayed here from 4th May 2013 to 3rd May 2014

The property Is nice. A 4 bed town house, so naturally you will need a family to occupy it. However, be warnned the landlord double up as the estate agents and take every opertunitu to come abd check the property, e.g. you call because there is a leak somewhere and she turns up to tour all the property expecting it to be spottless. We had to move out ad felt very not at home and constantly stressed about potential damage to the property (as agent/landlord kept sending constant reminders!). We arranged a professional clean at check out which was deemed not to "their standards" and deduced a further £200 off the deposit. Every slight 1 mm Mark was zoomed into and photographed at check out! It was an intorregation from the agency manager not the regular check out you would expect from a clerk. All in all an absolute nightmare. Please please avoid the agency (vantage properties and management Ltd) and especially that particular house! I wish someone would have told me what we were getting ourselves into :(.

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