40 Silver Road, Norwich, NR3 4TB

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1. Decent house, slow to respond on certain issues - 3.5/5

By Paul - stayed here from 1st July 2012 to 25th July 2013

I stayed here for a while with a friend. As houses go it's a very decent size, a little shabby in parts and could probably do with a renovation but it does the job and most of the furniture (except a couple of dining chairs) was definitely fit for purpose.

2 large bedrooms, one with a box room attached (no access to this room except through the main bedroom - has the boiler), relatively narrow stairs, built in wardrobe in the second bedroom (looked out onto main road, had to keep window shut most of the time due to noise from the road). Downstairs a large living room and a large dining room leading to the (quite small but still usable) kitchen and the bathroom which was through the kitchen. Kitchen also has door to outside by way of a conservatory. Garden out back is reasonably sized, mixture of concrete, soil and assorted garden stuff. There was a large mint bush growing when we lived here in the fence between this property and the one to the right.

Not very energy efficient, we spent a fair amount of money keeping the place heated in the winter. The boiler has been known to have issues but the agents were very good at getting someone sent out to fix this promptly. There were a few other issues with the house that the agents promised they would get sorted in the first week (such as a conservatory door that didn't shut) but never materialized in the time we were there, despite asking several times - make sure to be persistent!

Neighbours were very sociable, overall the house would suit students or people in their 20's best.

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