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1. Ok for a first flat

By Bisley - stayed here from 1st August 2009 to 1st September 2011

The flat itself was nice, but was lacking TLC. Paint jobs were obviously on the cheap size with areas being painted over several times rather than being stripped back first. Also, single glazing throughout the flat led to chilly winters and noisy weekends.
The rooms were a great size though, and the hallway was amazing - it's a shame it wasn't decorated to its full potential as it could be a stunning flat with a basic makeover.
The layout of the kitchen was odd - the sink etc had once been over at the window but had been moved to the other end which made dish washing extra boring - great size but again not being used to its full potential.
Landlord Susie was lovely and really quick to sort out any issues and replace anything that needed it. Downside was the agents, Countrywide, who kept adding an increase to the rent each year automatically, which is what led us to leave as I because more than the flat was worth, and a member of staff shouted abuse at me in the middle of their office because I was trying to get our safety deposit back in order to secure our new flat. Horrible service and hard to get a hold of - hope the landlord has since changed agents.
In terms of the area, there are a lot of shops, restaurants nearby, and bus stop straight into town close by. The main road does get clogged up during rush our though so be prepared to be sat for an extra ten minutes there on your way home.

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