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1. Clover Court. Flat 1, 110a Hampton rd, Southport

By RuthLstrom - stayed here from 21st April 2013 to 3rd March 2014

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This flat was damp from the day I moved in. I had been duped. When I visited the property the landlord was still 'refurbishing' (basically painting it) so the flat looked gleaming and it smelt of paint. As August came upon us I noticed bits of mould and condensation in the windows. During the winter the damp got a whole lot worse. There was mould up nearly every wall in the flat, the underside of my bed mattress was covered in mould and so where all my clothes. The estate agents sent a damp proof professional in and he concluded that the flat was extremely damp and the damp course needed replacing. The landlord refused to have it fixed as he didn't think it was damp!
I did not manage to get compensated for the damage to my clothes or furniture and now the landlord has just re-painted and the property is up for let again. I would never rent from this landlord again.
I have also, due to desperation I managed to find a dry house to rent from the same agents, however this property after 8 weeks seems overpriced. No plumbing for a washing machine no socket for a fridge. Il update on this soon, but as far this estate agent is proving to be pretty unscrupulous.

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blt345 said:

Don't be shy about naming the agent ;)

on 18th May 2014 at 4:38pm