1 Vale View, Bolton, BL7 9DL

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Crumbling overpriced and damp

By da5idk - stayed here from 23rd August 2013 to 7th February 2014

Owned by landlady who lives in Spain and never revealed her address or phone number, this house looks lovely from the outside but the exterior hides much. The electrics were completely all over the place - turn the landing light on and all the rest of the lights upstairs went out! There was damp in the main bedroom, and the downstairs toilet backfired in heavy rain. We called in Bolton Council to do an HSRSS evaluation on the property who confirmed the damp and the toilet problem, and ordered her to repair the electrics. Whilst the floor between living room and cellar was removed and replaced and all our stuff was piled in the dining room we barely had use of less than half the house and had to stay in a hotel one night. Never did she offer rent relief. Finally, in the face of her refusal, we withheld the last month's rent and left half way through the final month. We tried to reclaim the deposit, which was lodged with TDS, but they will only arbitrate in a dispute if both parties agree. Needless to say the landlady refused and we never saw a penny of our deposit back. The garage, meanwhile, where we had stored several shrink-pack wardrobes and other stuff, turned out to be completely damp, and all our wooden furniture had to be gotten rid of. The whole experience of living there was an utter disaster. DON'T MOVE IN!!!

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