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Added 17th May 2014

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1. Simple

By pgh - stayed here from 27th October 2013 to 17th March 2014

I found this place on spareroom. The contact was a friendly chap and arranged a prompt viewing with a friend who seems to run the practical side of renting out the few properties they seem to own in this estate.

No official contract is done but you can get a receipt for the deposit (which is one month's rent) and it does get returned if you are vaguely sensible with the place.

It's pretty basic and initially seemed a lot at £650/month (all bills included), but that seems to be the kind of prices you get here. It's next door to a prison but it certainly didn't feel unsafe. It's an estate which supposedly requires swipe access to the front gate (includes car entry) or back gate but this hasn't worked for months so it's all just freely open.

Downstairs flats come with a parking space which was good for me.

The renters did help with water boiler issues but not particularly promptly, and I'm told by other people who lived there that they can take their time to fix stuff.

6 people in a 4 bedroom place can feel a bit crowded but if you're busy, you won't really notice.

Essentially, it's pretty basic, with reasonable treatment by the landlords, though not very official and it seems about fair pricing wise for London.

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