12 Chaseville Park Road, London, N21 1PD

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Bad landlord, house with problems

By ShelliD - stayed here from 1st November 2007 to 1st November 2008

A 3 bedroom house that could be a great rental but so much work needed and landlord likes to cut corners and spend as little as possible. When we moved in the place was filthy, we hired a cleaner and got lots of family members to help give it a deep clean. Also before we moved in the Landlord put down cheap carpets and put up even cheaper looking curtains that his wife had made that not only didn't fit but were a light beige so didn't keep out the light at all. While we lived there the Landlord came once a week and it didn't feel like it was our home at all as he was always there. There seemed to be something always needing fixing, the garden was a mess, broken brickwork etc. The bathroom upstairs was hideous, the downstairs toilet also needed repairing numerous times while we were there and there were also issue with the sewage. All in we were ready to move at long before our year was up but the Landlord wouldn't let us break our lease. When we did move out Landlord kept our deposit told us we left house dirty, only after threats of legal action we got our money back after much delay. All in all it could have been a nice house to rent if the Landlord wasn't such a cheapskate.

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