Flat 308, London, SW2 4DN

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Office converted to flats

By blinkandmiss - stayed here from 17th June 2009 to 17th June 2011

Sadly the building wasn't designed to be occupied by people night and day. Condensation issues on the windows and metal window panels would cause damp regardless of season. Metal is a conductor so all the heat you did manage to create with the useless heaters would go outside. The electric heater set on fire over night, the landlord and agent didn't really care. The fumes from the fire luckily woke us up ortherwise who knows. Walls are paper thin, so we heard all the arguments from our neighbors on a regular basis. Hot water would only last for one shower, no good if you share as a couple. Not really a safe part of London either.

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