97 Salisbury Road, Canterbury, CT2 7SE

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Great house, bad landlords

By strings345 - stayed here from 1st August 2012 to 15th May 2014

It's a great house, with evenly sized bedrooms, a big living space, a nice garden, and is unbelievably convenient for both the University of Kent campus (10 min walk) and the centre town (15 min walk).

The landlords are conspicuous by their absence, as they live abroad and we didn't meet them the whole two years. They're the kind of people who are loathe to spend any money at all, so when something needs doing with the house, it will take weeks and months of the letting agency negotiating with the landlords, trying to persuade them the work is necessary, and then searching for the absolute cheapest option.

This caused problems, not least because when we moved in the back garden had no fence. We asked in August that this be sorted, we asked several times, but the landlords dragged their feet and consequentially we were badly burgled in October as the fence still hadn't been erected yet. It took some serious persuading to get the letting agents to secure the property the day after the burglary, and the back windows which were broken through weren't replaced for another six months.

The property is in a lot better shape since we've lived here - eventually got most of the single glazing replaced with double, etc etc, but it's still full of cheapest-option-possible furniture and appliances. However it is a nice, family-feel type house in a good (if noisy!) location. If you don't have very high expectations of decoration/furnishings, and you're prepared to be firm with the letting agents when something needs doing then it should be okay.

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