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1. Horrible experience

By Imogenchristina - stayed here from 13th August 2017 to 13th February 2019

We spent over a year complaining about the damp house and broken heating and in the end had to report the landlords to environmental health for refusing to act or respond to us.

Initially Foxtons were the problem - they were the letting managers for the property and would go for months ignoring emails and not getting back to us. This came to a head during the “beast from the east”, where the flat was constantly damp and cold and Foxtons would leave dozens of emails and messages unanswered at a time.

Months later, nothing had changed. We had no choice but to report Foxtons and the landlords to environmental health. It was only at this point (over a year later) that we ever heard from the landlords directly. It soon transpired that the landlords did not want to spend any money on the flat. The house was so cold during winter that our sheets felt damp to touch and we could often see our breath. Finally the environmental officer ordered them to replace the thermostat, which they eventually did - but there were multiple other suggestions he gave to make the house more liveable (ie installing actual ventilation) which they ignored .

They refused to work with any plumbers or workers who weren’t their own handyman - and at one point when our boiler broke they left us without a shower or hot water for a full week in the middle of winter.

I’d strongly recommend tenants avoiding renting this house from the Davids - dealing with the lack of service Foxtons in particular aggravated the situation from the start, but the landlord was apathetic and rude when finally involved - we spend a year and a half (unfortunately this was the length contract we signed up to) in a freezing cold and damp house and lost countless hours in trying and failing to resolve the issues.

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