7 Mafeking Street, Harrogate, HG1 4BZ

Added 17th May 2014

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By gooders - stayed here from 28th June 2011 to 17th April 2014

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only after fighting to get a deposit back do you realise how many things are wrong with a tenancy agreement.

i apparently paid for the inventory fees- something the letting agents martin and co claim they dont charge on another review site in a response
the agreement 70 pages long. this is a legal document and i think people should be given a week before signing so they can get advice if they wish. 70 pages on the day of moving is a tad extreme

many clauses relating to the 'professional cleaning' this is deemed unfair by the OFT

the house although nice to look at has a few minor faults- lights blow all the time and the drain in the back area which is shared by the neighbours always smells

landlady issues- due to a fault with the boiler in 2012 the tap in the bathroom wouldnt turn off. she got the plumber to fix the constant leak but a new tap was required. months later i end up paying for a tap. always promising to put a new boiler in as every winter it packed up. last winter didnt even bother to get it repaired. notified in october fixed when i moved out in april.
when i started packing i decided to paint as i knew she had already taken previous tenants to a tribunal over the decor. i noticed damp and a massive crack behind a window i had hung (she claims hanging pictures is forbidden- yet tenancy states it wont be unresasonably withheld which i pointed out when i asked to put up pictures). anyway i was blamed for both the damp and the crack without her even seeing it.
i got in a damp specialist who clarified i wasnt to blame. NO APOLOGY
since moving i am having trouble getting my entire bond back as apparently cleaning a carpet with a rug doctor isnt good enough. despite the fact the carpets are gross anyway. bullying tactics to get me to agree to deductions include saying she will also charge for damage (?) to a kitchen worktop and insist i also pay for professional cleaning throughout the whole house (not just carpets) even though the inventory clerk signed it off as clean.
then wanting to charge me for the inventory clerk without forwarding me an invoice.

then as the letting agent was in charge of the bond i asked them to initiate payment they refused. so i managed to do this and rang them for the repayment ID they told me the money wasnt there anymore. making me worry it had disappeared. however- it turns out the day before the management of the bond had been transferred to the landlady WITHOUT INFORMING ME AND EVEN THOUGH I EMAILED THEM BOTH OVER THE WEEKEND. IT WAS AN EMAIL FROM THE DPS THAT INFORMED ME OF THIS.

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