3 Langtry Road, London, NW8 0AJ

Added 24th December 2019

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1. dont go near this property

By negz123 - stayed here from 5th December 2019 to 24th December 2019

do not recommend to rent this property at all. I have got the keys on 5th december and still living on my friend's coach. first it took the landlord a month to sign the tenancy agreement. the day i got the keys, both myself and the inventory company reported some issues with the washing machine, oven and myself about the toilet flush. this property is managed by foxtons and the landlord doesnt want any sort of interaction with the tenant. after approx. 3 weeks of non-stop calls and email they have arranged for the washing machine and the oven and cooker to be changed. on the delivery day the company couldn't do nothing since they havent been informed the washing machine is filled with water although the landlord has sent her engineer twice in attempt to repair it. no correct measurement has been done and reported to the company for the oven and cooker and they didnt fit and there was a health and safety issue wit the cooker which needed to be changed to electric all together. so another day gone without any progress. the landlord is still not accepting the toilet flush is faulty although its been reported to the property management at the foxtons by myself treat the water doenst stop after flushing and she refuses to pay for any plumber fees to filter the water out of the washing machine. I have requested to be paid a compensation for the time i paid rent for the flat and couldn't live in it and the landlord has refused to pay anything although she knows that i havent been able to live in the property. latest news i have received from foxtons is that they were trying to contact the landlord till the last minutes before christmas holidays to get permission to send their own plumber with their own costs but she didnt answer their calls. now its Christmas holidays and i have to spend at least another 2 weeks at my friend's for everything to open again. please avoid this flat and this landlord by all means otherwise you will have the worst and the most miserable experience of your life. I think the way I have been treated was appalling and hope o one go through he same experience specially before Christmas which should be the happiest time of the year

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