12 Alston Mews, Thatcham, RG19 3XF

Added 28th September 2019

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1. Sandra Colbourne

By Vlad - stayed here from 19th March 2017 to 19th September 2019

The very bad landlord, she doesn't care about the tenants and the property. Since I move in till I leave nothing been done. I have to do all my self with my own money. The conservatory leaking (proper) when rain outside and is useless, I and my family stay without oven almost mount and on the end I fixed my self some of the windows still not in use, the toilet flushing system did my self as well and a lot of things which are landlord responsibility. She never does anything to make my and my family life better. I pay £1100 always in time, never late and what I received back, NOTHING. Don't go in this property

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