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1. Landlord does almost no maintainance

By jansen1975 - stayed here from 7th August 2009 to 7th August 2019

Lived here around 10 years due to lack of money/choice and for the last 5-6 years, the LL has basically flat out said he won't do more than essential work to the place. His idea of essential differs from ours and this is where the problems began. The house is over 100 years old and a lot of the pipes and utilities are at least 30 years old and reaching the point where they are worn out.

The taps in the bathroom had shredded washers and heavy corrosion and we asked his repairman to fix them, he came round and said they were knackered and replaced them totally, a few days later the LL wrote us an irate letter accusing us of unauthorized repairs, claiming only the washers were gone (the taps were totally broken due to age and corrosion) and threatening to throw us out or not renew contract if we did not pay for them. It is not our problem if his designated repairman does not talk to the LL for permission to repair things, we reported it nuff said.

Also tried to delegate the responsibility of arranging gas inspections to us and wrote another angry letter to us when the inspection was late. This is illegal but LL thinks he can do what he likes.

He claims he has no phone and makes us write to him if we need anything, this is a lie he just does not want us asking for repairs and maintenance so makes it hard for us to contact him. He will constantly remind you how good a LL he is and how kind he has been but does almost bugger all. The place has not been painted in ten years and looks like crap but he does not care, as long as he gets paid. Uses being ill as an excuse for not doing his job as LL.

Run a mile if you see this place for rent.

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