The Bungalow, Dorking, RH5 4NH

Added 5th August 2019

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1. Disgraceful, dishonest landlord, Daniel Maybury

By clare3000 - stayed here from 22nd February 2016 to 22nd July 2019

Whilst it is a pretty location (rear garden) the road the property is in is rather shabby. Also, the property suffers from aircraft noise (it's on the flightpath) and also from road noise, especially from motorbikes on a Sunday, racing on the dual carriageway. Getting on and off the dual carriageway is also risky.

The landlord was quite good during our tenancy, although, we suffered several leaks. It was only when we checked out of the property, having done the usual end-of-tenancy deep clean, gutters, gardening, etc., that we found out his real character. We imagine he was a little disappointed that he was unable to make a decent claim on our £4,200 deposit.

The new tenant moving in (who we helped persuade to take the property), was paying less than we had been, so perhaps that was his motive, or maybe it was when we refused to pay a demand for an additional charge of almost £200 for cleaning the outside of the gutters (something which was not mentioned in the check-in inventory, or the lease agreement).

So, a week after our check out (with an inventory having been done on our check-out day, 22nd July) the landlord made Blinc Inventories come back to the property, add some more things to the inventory and falsify the date, back-dating it to our check-out day. Quite apart from random things which did not appear as noted in the genuine inventory, the landlord is also claiming £336 for the 'removal' of items we had given to the new tenant, with the his full knowledge and agreement. He's also claiming $556 for one of the leaks we suffered, rendering a bedroom useless for 3 weeks. In the genuine inventory, this leak is noted as 'landlord's responsibility' Basically, Daniel Maybury is a completely dishonest landlord and we would warn you to steer well clear.

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