Flat 1, Staintons, Windermere, LA23 3AS

Added 20th July 2019

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1. thieving landlords

By paconet43 - stayed here from 2nd June 2012 to 2nd June 2018

we lived at this address for 6 years,as I work in maintenance all repairs were carried out by me,we thought we had a good relationship with the landlords,( brother and sister), but they decided to let the flat via AIRBNB,so we were given 2 months to leave,we returned the flat to it`s original condition,( redecorated the flat),,only for them to refuse to give us our deposit back,( not protected and they worded the contract in their favour), biggest insult was they refused to give us a reference which left us with having to pay nearly £2000 deposit on our new place,, please avoild,,,wayne Bartholomew and linda walkinson

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