127 Holyhead Road, Coventry, CV1 3AD

Added 19th July 2019

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1. Stealing my deposit after a year of doing nothing

By Cre0 - stayed here from 1st September 2018 to 16th May 2019


This landlord is called S. D. and will be referred to as this.
I'm a student, and clean one at that. SD tried to sign me up for 9 months, but since i have no use for the property for this long, agreed to decrease the term. He got 1 over on me by signing me up for an extra month. The house has 9 rooms, lots of people. Someone was stealing my food all academic year (landlord did nothing) and never flushed shit down the toilet (SD did nothing).

i was not supposed to pay for internet. against the agreement, i paid. SD allegedly refused to have it any other way, pointing fingers to other renters instead.

someone attempted to rob me in winter time and damaged the window. SD did nothing, leaving me to freeze, and is now repairing the window at my cost. SD never addressed the robbery. He was so generous not to charge me the workman's exorbitant fee for the work. (nobody came yet, i'm told)

SD received one of my deposits the following day from the due date. he was so gracious to only charge me £20 and not £40 for this. SD went against his own contract to do this (14 days after due date, minimum). SD allegedly attempts robbery in broad daylight by doing this.

If i had a pound for each day he didn't reply to my texts or emails or calls, i'd have broken even on the tenancy. This person does not communicate. Shower blocked? wash in a puddle!

The kitchen is unstable and is rolling down the hill.

There's an open sewer in the garden since bathwater runs into the rainwater drain instead of a proper sewer.

This person owns many locations and allegedly steals 100% of people's deposits each year.

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