10 Bell Barns, Buntingford, SG9 9FE

Added 11th July 2019

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1. Only Interested in Collecting the Money

By Staceytill76 - stayed here from 30th March 2018 to 8th April 2019

Terrible Landlord who didn't want to maintain the property at all, much preferred trying to get us to do it or pay for it. Currently 3 months since we moved out and am still trying to get my deposit back as the landlord is claiming for things that were problems before I even moved in. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PROPERTY!!!

The Letting Agents, Intercounty, are no better as they encourage the Landlord's behaviour by allowing them to stay on their books and supporting their bad behaviour. If Letting Agents refused Landlords ont heir books and made them stick to a code of conduct bad Landlords would not be encouraged to behave like this!!!!

Don't take my word for it, 4 different tenants in 4 years and the local agencies won't touch them, that should tell you enough to stay well away from these terrible landlords!

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