10 Milner Street, York, YO24 4NH

Added 7th July 2019

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1. Nightmare Mad Live-in Landlady

By inyork - stayed here from 1st October 2018 to 27th June 2019

I rented a room in a 'professional' house even though I am studying. It was advertised as cosy, quiet and friendly.

I would absolutely not recommend anyone rent a room in this house. The landlady is completely dirty, never does her washing up, hardly ever cleans and expects everyone in the house to clean up after her.

She 'works' from home but really is using tenants to pay her mortage as her business is failing. She has a lot of mental health problems. My bedroom was not directly above hers but even so I could hear her regularly shouting and swearing, often really insulting things such as "Fuck off and leave me alone" being shouted all through the house. She really should not be allowed to rent out rooms in this house as it is barely habitable and she is quite clearly not suited to living with other people. I used to get home to find rubbish dumped all over the sofas, the kitchen full of old food that would be left on the work surfaces for days, and she has a cat that lives in very bad conditions with a dirty towel for a bed and old cat food wrappers left scattered across the kitchen floor.

Do not live here, it will be bad for your health.

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