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1. Avalon Property Solutions - Gold digger

By gmleo - stayed here from 1st January 2009 to 1st July 2019

I've been here for 17 years.
My landlady is Christine Hertoghe (or Christine Campbell-Jones) of Avalon Property Solution in Cambridge.
Inept landlord. I could give many many examples over the years but will narrow it down to just a few.

Electric hob, installed in the 80s, one of the rings went, element blew, landlady didn't want to pay out for a repair so said, "well, there are three rings left and three of you in the house, that's one each" and laughed.

Didn't place the deposit into the tenancy deposits scheme until 2 years after she should have done & I had to insist she did.

Likes to rip old parts from her other houses and install them here, to save money. Like second hand showers that leak, using her DiY husband as the fitter.

After 17 years, she's decided to sell, I suspect so she doesn't have to pay inheritance tax on this house by investing it in one giant house for her family to live.

She turned up to the house to measure up the kitchen again (fourth time) as she had been promising for years to replace it, it's over 40 years old. Instead of measuring up, while here she informed us that an agent will arrive in 15 minutes. That's how we knew she was going to sell.
The agent advised her not to replace the kitchen as the new buyers will replace it anyway.

She instructed me four times to give house keys to her estate agent so they can let himself in whenever they like with prospective buyers, which I'm not obliged to do and so refused.
Despite agreeing with the landlady that one afternoon per week, Fridays, would work for us to show the property to buyers, she insisted that one hours notice was plenty and became quite irate when we insisted we needed at least 24 hours notice, as is the legal requirement.

Based on the above, not handing over keys to agent and not prepared to show property with one hours notices, she has said she will give a bad reference when I move out.

The AST contract states she needs to deliver section 21 notice by hand or via her agent, but sent it via email.
She never once issued us with the government "How to rent guide" booklet, but included it in the email along with the section 21 notice. That makes the section 21 invalid.

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