4 Skipton Close, Stockport, SK7 5NQ

Added 15th February 2019

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1. Beware! The worst landlord we ever had.

By olgaburandt - stayed here from 11th May 2017 to 6th January 2019

The worst landlady we ever had and we’ve been renting since 2009. This was by far the worst experience in our life’s. The landlady claimed she had financial issues and needed to sell the house, we’ve been first conned to rent the house for a long term few years, after one year she changed her mind, kept us on wait until decided to sell. Her selling agent informed us about this. We have autistic daughter and we’ve been moving a lot due to landlords selling, but after refusing viewings while having a disabled child and a little boy she became really nasty and full of revenge. She tried to evict us with section 8 including some out of tbe blue reasons. Then she pushed for Possession Order and bailiff eviction when she knew we’ve been struggling both financially and mentally to find new home and we’ve been on a socila housing register for over 6 years. She didn’t want to return our deposit and references, only agreed to take our deposit instead of rent in the end, she was constantly bullying us, sending nasty harassing emails about evicting us with High Court and that we should be out of her house a long time ago. She was lying that we owe her a lot of money, yet the rent has been paid to the end. She was lying at Possession hearing in the face of the Judge that she had financial problems and health problems and they granted her with the order, yet we could see all over twitter that she bought new holiday home and the newest range rover..now she’s trying to sell our previous house and rent out her £450000 residence and bought another new house. My business suffered a great loss due to her actions. Children were distressed to the limits, so did I and my husband. I’ve never seen such a greedy, untruthful person in my whole life and we are so grateful that we finally have a place we can call home now. We had the worst Christmas/NY ever thanks to this lady.

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