Asquith House, Leeds, LS7 1AW

Added 4th February 2019

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1. Pricey student let and the quality is unspeakably low

By bittertenant - stayed here from 15th September 2018 to 3rd February 2019

Long story short; no amenities work, I have been without hot water since I moved in in September and it's absolutely impossible to get anything fixed. I had no idea it could get that bad in a private accommodation site.

The staff are rude, indifferent and extremely unresponsive. If anything speaks volumes about carelessness and disrepair in this place, there were workers burning construction materials right outside the residence on multiple occasions and they notoriously left the fires unattended.

The entire building is gross and filthy. There are no recycling bins and tons of trash lying around in front of the entrance.
No amenities work. The toilet was broken when I arrived and they left me for 3 days without a fix; there's also no toilet seat (again and again, very low hygiene standards). Bathroom sink is below my waist (i'm 160cm); tap water ice cold and splashing everywhere, no hot water at all - the staff told me they can't fix it and just left it like that.
The furniture is on the edge of falling apart, the wifi mostly doesn't work and there's a two-device limit, the lift is also out of service most days, the key card occasionally stops working.
The reception is only open 10am-4pm on weekdays; no-contact with on-site staff; 10 pounds fee if you get locked out of your room.

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