171-177 Rice Lane, Liverpool, L9 1AF

Added 3rd December 2018

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1. Natalie Povey,lying agent

By Adina - stayed here from 3rd November 2018 to 3rd November 2018

I already had a contract with her for the place that I am living at the moment Because I had a good experience I asked her for a place for my brother who just came to Liverpool.
She said she has a studio flat with new carpet fitted and freshly painted in need of a refresh.
I trusted her and when she asked when does he wants to move we said as soon as possible.
We were supposed to meet the next day but she cancelled for the day after.
When we got to the place there was no electricity and because was late in the afternoon we had no way to see the flat properly .
She advised us to charge the prepayment meter.
She called another person to see the flat and he was waiting outside.
She pressed us to make a quik decision and we were ourselves press by time because my brother needed a place urgently.
We handed over £400 to her no contract.
Next day we realized the mistake we done.
The place did not have a key for electricity so we could not put electric on.
There was no heating.
The place smelled awful, is was very dirty,mold in the bathroom,broken door and the carpet was not at all new like she said.
We called and told her we made a mistake the place is not liveable and we want the money back.
She refused to give us the money.
My brother had to spend more money on hotels untill he had find a proper place to live.
Is been a month and she is still refusing to give the money back.
She knows that the laws protect mostly landlords.

I did not know the proper procedure and it seems that now she wants to evict me because I tried to make my own justice and deduct the money she owns me.

I do not understand how this people can rent and even waste tenants time by taking them to miserable houses when themselves would not live there ever.

Natalie Povey ,a very greedy woman who will not care about the distress she is causing with her professional negligence.

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