106 Devon Road, Luton, LU2 0RL

Added 29th November 2018

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1. Modern Perfect Accommodation

By Puddleduck - stayed here from 1st December 2018 to 21st June 2019

A great house all newly decorated with all modern high quality furniture. You don't get much better than this for an HMO and I've seen some in my time renting. This is next level stuff. If I wanted a family feel home then this would be it.

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2. Bluesky Property Developments Limited - Luton

By jbjoel14 - stayed here from 13th March 2018 to 29th November 2018

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Worst Landlord I have ever experienced (Gary Jackson) - never provides notice before entering the property and when he does enter he removes personal property he deems unsuitable in communal areas (anything) and leaves them outside to be stolen. The room was not converted in accordance with building regulations as the walls were paper thin and allowed noise from the overcrowded house (6 occupants) to disturb you at all hours (and I'm a deep sleeper). the house was not ventilated so mould is free to grow if left purposely uncontrolled. The landlord will do everything in his power to charge you for fair wear and tear namely 213 pounds to repair marks in the entrance hallway.

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Puddleduck said:

I lived there and these accusations are false as you were evicted and just writing revenge posts. Shame on you he is a lovely landlord and you were dealt with appropriately as the other tenants all hated living with you. You were a selfish, arrogant infant as I saw it causing housemates problems constantly

on 12th July 2020 at 1:00pm