Flat 20, London, SW15 2AS

Added 22nd November 2018

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1. Vile landlord, stay away!

By etc2012 - stayed here from 22nd November 2015 to 22nd November 2017

I made the biggest mistake of my life to deal with the landlord for this flat. My entire tenancy has been full of stress, bullying, intimidations, shameless lying and wasting time for nonsense by the landlord. Without going into too much detail, i would not advice anyone to rent this place, ignore this at your own risk - nothing will be fixed, you will be blamed for that and eventually you will have to pay for that out of your own pocket. The flat may seem to be a bit cheaper, but that's the biggest trap, you will pay back much more in stress and waste of time!

I heard this guy owns several properties in Sw London and literally every tenant went to adjudicator to get their deposit back, since this scumbag wanted to unfairly withhold part of the deposit. I recovered mine 3 months after the end of tenancy only after I threatened him with calling the police for harassment. At the expense of stress me and my family had to suffer.

The letting market should be free of these fraudsters from the past - therefore I hope to help someone to make the right decision after reading this.

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