1 Semington Road, Melksham, SN12 6DA

Added 15th November 2018

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1. Horrible , arrogant Landlady

By Achowdhury - stayed here from 24th August 2018 to 14th November 2018

Me and my wife urgently moved in with this old lady who lived alone in this huge house. We were getting along fine the first two months, we always offered her food and assistance in all the households but then she starts to acts crazy. She walks into our room when we both were sleeping, she yells at us if we ask her a normal questions, she have a problem if we speak on the phone in the kitchen, basically she was creating problems which didn't make any sense logically. So we tried to speak to her that please we need our privacy, we pay our share of money, we both work all week , we don't want any trouble. And then she get crazy and threatening us to leave the house and keep screaming this is my house! So we agreed that we will move out asap because the way she treats us is terribly wrong. She is very rude and have no sense of logic. I contacted the previous tenant who lived here, and I get to know that the landlady did the exact same things to her as well. Also threatening not to give a reference though we didn't do anything to hurt her. I would not suggest anyone to consider this place because once you see this evil side of her, no matter how much more money we are paying comparative to this area.. you don't wanna live under the same roof with her. Maybe it's old age or something but she really needs help. God bless her!

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