15 Buchan Street, Hamilton, ML3 8JZ

Added 29th October 2018

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1. Lead poisoning, mould and damp.

By NORM1690 - stayed here from 20th July 2011 to 18th December 2017

We rented this property from James Francis Doherty, who trades as Excel Property and is also the owner of the Concept Property lettings Ltd ketting agency. It was a horrible experience. When we moved in the property was in a poor state, with mice droppings in the cupboards, mould on the walls and single glazed windows with flaky paint on rotten wood. The window frames had led paint on them and my son with Autism and PICA received lead poisoning which is very likely to have caused damage to his brain. We had to spend weeks clearing up all the rubble, car parts, mouldy bits of old carpet and branches which the landlord had failed to clean up from his property. When we asked for repairs we often recieved nasty accusatory emails from the landlord who was also the owner of the agency. He put out safety at risk on several occasions and it was extremely stressful living in a property which wss not adequately maintained.

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