Flat 5, Reading, RG1 7YP

Added 28th October 2018

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1. Unscrupulous landlord - impolite, deposit not secured.

By Rachel45 - stayed here from 23rd May 2015 to 22nd January 2017

JKA properties, Alan Farrar.
Lovely flat and we had little problems during our tenancy until we wanted to leave... our previously polite landlord turned very rude overnight once we asked to leave. His persona instantly changed and he sent a rude email back reminding us of our contractual obligations and stating that we couldn't leave until January and only if we found a new tenant ourselves and we'd have to pay £300. To cut a long story short, we eventually left in January after I spent 3 months living with my parents. We didn't have to pay the £300, Alan changed his mind after we asked him where our deposit was secured. After calling all 3 deposit protection schemes we discovered that he had originally secured our deposit with my deposits but hadn't renewed. This is of course completely illegal and Alan could be in a lot of trouble. We didn't take legal action because we didn't want the hassle we just wanted to go. After we moved out but before our tenancy had finished, he let himself into the flat without our permission. Also illegal. Our last bad taste was when he eventually returned our deposit late, he'd docked money for stupid or false things to the tune of about £35, including his travel to the property! Of course we couldn't dispute this as he hadn't re-secured our deposit. Our choice was legal action or let £35 slide. We chose the latter as it had already been an exhausting ordeal. Instead we will just warn any one else considering renting from this landlord. The properties might be cheap and fee free but you'll pay in stress.

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