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1. Greedy & unreasonable live in landlord

By tdbeek - stayed here from 1st August 2018 to 31st August 2018

Last year was my first Edinburgh festival and I was happy to find an Airbnb for £615 for the month, with my own room, sharing with one other housemate who was lovely. This was a very good price since the rent prices are inflated because of the festival.

This year I teamed up with a friend to save money, and rented from a private live in landlord, Monu Jabbal who had recently purchased his own flat. We shared what we were told was a 'large' living room, but turned out to be just a living room. He charged us £1150 for this pleasure. Although we found cheaper offers we stuck with it because the facilities looked nicer.

When I arrived the room had not been cleaned and there was no place to store our stuff. The 2 single beds formed a long line in the centre of the room which left very little space to get around. Oh well, I thought, I'm here to work and I will just have to get on with it.

Because he had just moved in there was nothing to cook with. I had to buy lots of things like salt and pepper and oil - all the annoying little things that you really don't want to have to deal with, not only for the expense, but the organisation - having come to Edinburgh to the festival to focus on my show, there isn't a lot of time or energy left to do those things that you hope would be provided.

The flat was a small 2 bedroom but he had also rented out the other bedroom, as well as the living room to 2 people, so there were 4 people living in the space that should have had one or two. The kitchen bin was tiny and we didn't have a bin in our room, and it was on the fifth floor, with nowhere to put recycling, so although I took the rubbish out several times throughout the month, it would build up in the kitchen. As we were both performing we would often have to leave for the day with our laptops, flyers, set, costume etc, so it wasn't at all convenient.

One night at 11pm I was in the kitchen talking to a friend in the kitchen as my housemate had gone to bed so there was nowhere else for us to go. We weren't being loud, just a normal level conversation, but Monu came in and asked us to be quiet. The problem was that the door to the kitchen didn't close and was opposite his room. We were pleasant and complied, though it did make it difficult for the rest of our stay, I felt we had to tiptoe around him, which was quite unreasonable since this should have also been our space to use and we were paying over the odds for it.

At another point he asked my housemate and I to tidy up our room as he had a viewing. Because we had no storage the room was quite messy and it took me 40 mins and her a similar amount of time to gather up our stuff and put it back in our suitcases. We did think this was over and beyond what we could have expected since it was time taken away from our work and we had paid to rent the room, but we complied as a favour.

When we left we had to carry all the set, props and costume from our shows down 5 flights of stairs, so we left 4 carrier bags of rubbish in the room, and some food in the fridge. I sent Monu a message apologising for the things left and thanking him for everything.

Later he demanded £50 from our deposit for the 'mess' we had left. We disputed the £50 and requested he charge us £10. He wouldn't budge as he said a cleaner for an hour would be £50. I said it would be £10. He asked for proof. I sent him proof. He wanted an example in Edinburgh, not London, I sent him one. He irrelevantly pointed out that if you hired a cleaner for 1 hour then they wouldn't do it for less than £50 because you can't hire a cleaner for 1 hour, although it was he who had cleaned it and he was already at his flat, obviously. And so it went back and forth. He eventually took £30.

What disappointed me was that throughout the month we had made allowances for Monu and been pleasant and friendly. We were paying a vast amount, especially when you consider we are both self employed artists losing money at the festival because of extortionate costs like this. His flat was not equipped for 4 people, and his greed made the month less comfortable for us. We did not leave a huge mess, and certainly not more than you would expect as a landlord renting your flat out, he was being incredibly petty. After we went out of our way to be accommodating to him by being quiet after 10pm and tidying up our room so he could do viewings, it was particularly galling to find him money grabbing at the end when he had control of our deposits. Would not recommend, there are far better options out there!

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