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Added 23rd October 2018

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1. No response from landlords on repairs

By skinklet - stayed here from 29th September 2018 to 23rd October 2018

We moved in at the end of August, reported the radiator not working in a room the first week - still not fixed, and no information regarding when it will be fixed. Two weeks later y daughter had a shower, and then water started to pour through the light fitting in the kitchen, we had three evenings after work without a functioning kitchen and no lights has now dried out enough to use the electricity downstairs, but the shower has not been fixed and there is a stench of damp wood and mould from the loose tiles piled at the bottom of the shower cubicle adjacent to my daughter's bedroom. We have heard nothing from the 'property management' staff at Romans - other than when we ring them and ask what is happening, we are assured they will chase up, but the reality is that the landlord is too busy working out what is covered by insurance to bother actually fixing anything. This is a big, Victorian house, with, in theory, lots of space, only most of it is not functional due to the landlords being too stingy to actually provide a functional shower, heating and repair the tumble dryer, which also doesn't work (washing and drying clothes has been a nightmare, as the weather gets colder and wetter).

Additionally, there is ivy growing over and into windows, destroying wooden frames, covering UPVC ones, which don't have any keys, so that bedrooms have limited natural light and the gutters are getting full of leaves. Additionally there are loose tiles visible in the gutters after recent rains. We are going to move as soon as possible, but feel we ought to warn any prospective renters about how what was once a beautiful property has ben allowed to become very run down, and if you rent this place, you have to deal with the fact the landlords have NO concern at all for the inconvenience it causes you and your family.

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