26 Woolston Place, Hook, RG27 0FH

Added 11th October 2018

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1. Great place, Terrible Landlord John Shore

By tonyhall20 - stayed here from 29th January 2013 to 26th October 2015

I rented a two bedroomed apartment in a beautiful part of Sherfield park near Basingstoke.
The Landlord was not a good one, just interested in collectng the rent.
Initial problems with the flat were quickly sorted out as it was a new build.
however, as time went on, the washing machine broke down twice and on the second occasion it took 3 months to sort out and I was made to pay £90 towards the cost of a new one(I've since learnt that it's illegal for the Landlord to make the tenant to pay for broken down equipment as a result of wear and tear.
Also, I did not get a copy of the gas safety certificate or the EPC or the EIC, this is illegal too!
And they tried to charge me £170 for a faulty gas hob at the end of my tenancy, though this was since revoked.
Bad Cowboy Landlord, don't rent from this guy, he is a bully doing things the way he wants and on occasions breaks the law!

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