6 Midville Road, Manchester, M11 4JD

Added 1st October 2018

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1. A total rip off bad landlord and the estate agent who marketed the property

By falcon_369 - stayed here from 26th September 2018 to 1st October 2018

This property was an ex-council's house. Had a really foul smell because the previous tenants stayed here pissed on the carpet in the bedrooms. The whole house was disgusting, in the summer it was full of fliers and midges. The dark carpet, decor and the laminated floor make the whole house depressing and a living hell!

The house was marketed by Madina estate agent from Levenshulme Manchester. They made the property sounded like a luxury house and charged a distortion induction fee, which it was over £200 higher than other agencies.

The landlord was very greedy! If not, one of the most greedy guy I have seen. This was reflected on the condition of the house. There are no property gas and electricity meters in the house. It was top up scheme which you pay a lot of more if you have a meter installed.

The area is in ex-council's state with drug dealers, smugglers and god knows what. The police helicopters, mid-night sirens from police cars are the norm. Even during the day, we saw police van pulled over to arrest the neighbours.

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