42 Irish Society Court, Coleraine, BT52 1GX

Added 17th September 2018

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1. Never again will I rent with this landlord

By RobertL - stayed here from 13th October 2017 to 13th September 2018

- Close to local amenities

- Nearly impossible to heat, possibly due to cracks in walls (£20 minimum per week on heating during cold spells)
- Landlord said they were okay with benefits during viewing and when signing tennancy agreement, then decided that it was "too much work" for them halfway through the tenancy and served me my "notice to quit" when rent was late
- Landlord unresponsive to any queries/problems/etc
- Landlord made continuous promises to fix xpelair in bathroom, never done, ended up showering with window open during mid winter
- Landlord waited until last second before signing tenancy agreement to increase cost of flat by adding rates (information on rates payments were not advertised)
- Landlord withheld overpayment of rent (which happened due to "notice to quit" being given) to ransom until we had left the flat, after saying they would pay it back multiple times
- Landlord claimed things were on the agreement, though they were not (e.g. landlords contact details)

IMHO I would never rent from the landlord again, but with the exceptions of the heating bill and the landlords attitude, it was a nice flat.

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