25 Harrowdene Road, Bristol, BS4 2JL

Added 15th September 2018

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1. A cemetery

By FairyBerry - stayed here from 16th November 2016 to 27th May 2017

The flat is build in a way that the rooms are all built around the kitchen. The noise is unbearable. but you don't discover it until you don't move in and have already signed the lease. One of the flatmates is quite paranoiac about noise and it gets annoyed even for the sound of the key being turned into the front-door. They sit in their bedroom and make a note of all your activity, and start sending you emails (instead of communicating in person) about what you are allowed in the house, in practice they dictate you how to live. In the flat you don't have space for your food as it all taken by this tenant, and there is no caddie or rubbish bin. As a result you have to keep your food waste in your bedroom just because organising a house kitty is impossible with such an antisocial housemate. Guests are in theory forbidden, but I had one of my flatmate inviting her boyfriend every week end and using the shower for hours with no respect whatsoever for the other tenants. The landlady is nice and makes sure that the house is well-equipped, but never gives notice of her visits and you find her at home when you don't expect it. At times she can be judgmental about your habits. At the end of the tenancy she's quite meticulous about the conditions of the flat, but if you're not careful, she may charge you for refitting the bedroom for the damage you haven't created, hence losing your deposit

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