93 Coronation Road, Bristol, BS3 1AX

Added 15th September 2018

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1. Crowded and not worth the money

By FairyBerry - stayed here from 4th November 2012 to 10th February 2014

The house is shared with 7 tenants and the rooms are quite small. During my time there I had housemates receiving benefits, stealing food to those working (thus away from home) and subletting to make money, or having a number of guests every week end hosted in the living room. Not to mention those who hosted their partner like an extra-tenant not paying any rent or bill. In this way we had to queue to use the toilet and bills were quite high. At times in the year mice circulate in the kitchen but the landlords never took the matter seriously. Despite the fact that the bills were higher because of the guests, the landlords retained the extra amount for themselves expecting us to pay for the rest. When I moved out, the deposit was returned after months and several emails, and the same happened to other tenants who left that property. If for any reason you complaint for something not working, the landlords put pressure on you to make you move out, with unannounced visits and inspections for work they don't intend to carry out in the house

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