29 Glynde Road, Brighton, BN2 9YJ

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Lovely house with terrible letting agents

By DavidHill - stayed here from 13th October 2011 to 13th May 2014

Really enjoyed our time living at this house just interspersed with Justlets ruining our experience especially during out checkout procedure (we're currently going through a dispute process about our deposit).

When we moved in they lied to us about getting carpets in order to get us into the property and then threatened to put it back on the market AFTER we had already paid our holding deposit!
During our tennancy we were treated like children (I am 31) and charged £60 every time they wanted to change any documentation.
After leaving the house in a better condition than when we moved in they are now trying to make unreasonable deductions from our deposit.

Property and landlords (we've never dealt with them directly) are great but justlets (located in Hove) are an unethical group who use bully tactics to get more money than they deserve from their tennants. Solely because of them I will be giving this property a low rating.

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