106 Arnold Road, London, N15 4JH

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1. Nice house, neglect & constant rent increase from landlady

By Edmond Dantes - stayed here from 1st March 2012 to 1st March 2016

The house could be really nice: detached, garden, quiet road, two floors, lovely neighbours, 3 large and 1 small bedrooms, lounge, and kitchen. The landlady keeps to herself and does not bother tenants much. We stayed several years cause we furnished it and made it nice and liked the area. But no input from the landlady to make it nice. The house is quite old and the landlady will constantly refuse to bring it to a better state, even by completing small repairs like replacing the carpet, while raising the rent every single year of course.
When something breaks down, she will sometimes buy a cheap item but may also replace it with something old and used from some other property (fridge). When I left, the carpets were disgusting and they had been like that for years, the kitchen’s floor had remained unfinished since for ever, the bathroom was mouldy and the stains had simply been painted over (once), didn’t even provide curtains, holes around pipes not sealed (we did it to avoid mice coming in from the garden) etc. Landlady quite responsive but only essential repairs completed (gas leak) and the quality of the repairs was usually poor. No improvements whatsoever. The house is run down and getting worse, due to neglect and refusal to invest, while never failing to raise rent. Stingy.

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