77 Cornwall Gardens, London, SW7 4AZ

Added 26th August 2018

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1. terrible landlord, breach the agreement, disrepair resulting in life threatening accident, and refuse to return all my deposit

By flora - stayed here from 27th May 2017 to 26th May 2018

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I would rate negative if there was an option. That property is currently letting through Chestertons and Pomp, I strongly suggest that everyone to avoid that.

I rent through Marsh&Parson last year and found the temperature control in bathroom shower not working when I moved in, and some leaking from kitchen sink as well as a number of non working lights. I chased the agent for 2 months then they told me the landlord refused to repair those, even the agreement says the landlord should keep the shower in good working order before tenancy starts. They only agreed to fix it after I told them I will complain to local authority.

The repair in main bathroom progressed slowly as the contractor can not find the water valve and landlord did not provide any info on that. During the period of repair, I had to use another tiny shower room, which is less than 1 square meter. The shower door is aged and the metal frame is not working smoothly. One day finally, the glass fell off the frame and shattered, when I was having a shower, and i was cut on the left hand and wrist,1cm to the artery. I have 10 stitches put in on my left hand and the scar remains there one year after. The landlord refused to do anything except urged me to clean the shower room "nicely". Fortunately our local council stepped in and sent her the legal notice after investigation. The landlord finally agreed to fix the small shower room two months after the accident, during which I was terribly injured and had no shower to use. Unfortunately, the job in main bathroom is never finished.

Besides, there are a number of other problem which landlord ignore on purpose. The fire alarm is installed on July,2007, who knows when it will stop working. The lights stop working from time to time even i changed new bubble myself every time.Furthermore, the entire property looks all right when you just view it. but to live in is another thing. It was too aged and lack of reasonable maintenance.Tenant always feels like being set up. I reported those issue from time to time then the landlord send me the notice to leave.

After I moved out, the landlord never respond to request for returning deposit of 3600GBP. I have no choice but raised a dispute to TDS. The deposit is returned in full two months after I moved, under TDS adjudication.

Fortunately I‘m moving out and will never use Marsh&Parson as well.

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flora said:

the address is Flat 5, 77 Cornwall Gardens, London, SW7 4AZ

on 26th August 2018 at 1:21pm