Flat 1, Birmingham, B16 9SD

Added 17th May 2014

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1. Rats, Mice, Damp and Invisible Landlord

By K001 - stayed here from 10th October 2013 to 27th February 2014

The landlord lives in Yorkshire and has never even seen the flat. Shortly after moving in and without even cooking or eating in the flat, I saw mice running in the kitchen and living room. After staying away at a friend's for a week I came back to find a RAT IN MY BED!!!!
The flat is all electric with am immersion boiler (which has a timer that doesn't work) so my bills were over £200 a month.
Throughout all this the landlord did not send anyone to fix my timer, clean up the damp on the walls and inside my cupboard. When I asked to have someone come in and block up the holes in the flat to stop mice getting in, I was told to go and buy poison and traps, and nothing was done.
The landlord is a woman called Eileen who is extremely rude and unhelpful. If you are reading this, please please please do not live there. Save yourself from the horror that I went through!

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